Koko pipeless pedicure spa 

  Features of 8168 chair 

engineered stone pedicure bowl

  • Single black / burgundy or beige color .
  • Manual swival for easy in and out.
  • Single handle remote control with heat system.  
  • Manual forward / backward , recline and incline. 
  • Vibration massaging programs with heat system .  
  • Replaceable massage pad of back,seat and pillow.  
  • Replaceable leather cover of chair arms top.

  Features of  9121 base

  • White pearl body with silver pearl tank / foot rest . 
  • Foot rest can be lifted up as well as go down up to the level.
  • Single handle cold / hot water faucet with certificated cartridge. 
  • Air button controls both the pipe less jet and water lamp.
  • LED water lamp that can be changed into varieties of colors. 
  • Shower for water inlet and sprayer head for cleaning.
  • 101 magnetic pipeless system with DC 24 V brushless motor.

pedicure jet

    Magnetic pedicure jet 

The 101 pipeless magnetic jet brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the pedicure sink  is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 
  • Detachable cap cover ( impeller, housing) for easy clean.  
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool system .
  • Certificated long life DC24V brushless motor .
  • Motor auto off if tank without enough water inside.
  • Motor auto off  if jet nozzles was blocked 
  • DC12V LED light continue flash if overload.
  • Computerized control box with 30 minutes timer built-in.
  • Easy detachable motor housing and motor for after services .   

kalopi spa chair has strong arms
removable massage pad for easy services