portable spa pedicure
portable spa with foot rest
portable spa size
Dimension of portable spa pedicure

   Portable pedicure spa

Pedicure portable  spa is a perfect unit for salon that has limited spaces. It can be use a mobile portable pedicure unit to be out of the way quickly and easily when not in use. The unique design of the portable foot spa makes your service much more convenience and easy as well as modern style . 

  • Ergonomic Design .
  • Four locking wheels . 
  • Fit disposable Liner .
  • Kalopi 101 magnetic pipeless jet.
  • Adjustable footrest that supports the entire leg. ​​

cleanest pipeless jet
easy clean spa jet

Kalopi 101 magnetic pipeless jet

101 magnetic jet brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the pedi. spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 

  • Easy clean cap cover ( impeller, housing) 
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool .
  • Certificated long life DC24V brushless motor  .
  • Motor off work if tank without enough water inside.
  • Motor auto off work if jet nozzles was blocked 
  • Smart control box with 30 minutes timer built-in.