foot reflex spa pedicure chair
foot reflex pedicure spa can turn around.
Foot reflex spa chair

The 9151 foot spa base body is formed by acrylic sheet reinforced with fiberglass . It combines Artificial Stone Poly Bowl with clean pipeless jet system and adjustable foot rest good for pedicure.
Poly bowl and foot rest are similar to a resin looks like ceramic which is hygienic and non porous. People call it as artificial stone too. It is often  used on senior kitchen counter tops.   


The 8171N electric pedicure chairs includes different features like tapping and kneading rollers comfortable massage. The chair top is fully electric and moves forward and backward with single LCD remote control.

This chair designed with swivel which can turn the chair easily. Both arms has bowls used for manicure or drink handle.  

Main Features of Foot Reflex Spa

pedicure chair with manicure bowls
spa chair with shiatsu system
Remote control of spa chair
Optional acrylic bowls on arms for manicure or drink stand.
Unique shiatsu massage system with kneading rollers and wheels
Key Pad remote control with LCD 
screen . 
101 pipepless spa jet
smile pipeless jet
pedicure bowls
101 Magnetic pipeless Jet
        DC12V LED light  
 Differ bowl cover
foot reflex spa pedicure chair